We offer rich expertise, services, space, and car-related products for classic car enthusiasts

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Cars are undergoing a major transformation from engines to motors. CRANK will always provide attractive products and services from the user's point of view to those who dare to enjoy vintage cars under such circumstances.

Our Domain


Maintenance of vintage cars, Finding vintage cars, Living with a vintage car
Maintenance of vintage cars, Finding vintage cars, Living with a vintage car

Crank is a place for classic cars enthusiasts to enjoy the fun with classic cars more freely and actively by offering cars, goods, events and services for all tastes.

Finding Vintage Cars

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Matching Service

CRANK connects people who are looking for a car with those who are willing to sell it. We charge a 5% commission. The cars we handle are based on the CRANK team's vintage car selection criteria.

Import Service

CRANK has mutual partners in EU (Italy) and USA (LA). If you find a car you want through overseas sites, our local partner will inspect the car and conduct detailed negotiations, and CRANK will take care of everything from purchase to import/export procedures and getting the car ready to drive in Japan.

We charge a flat fee of 200,000 yen (excluding tax) for vehicles up to 500 million yen in value, and 5% of the vehicle price for vehicles over 500 million yen. ※1

Maintenance of Vintage Cars

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At CRANK we have experienced in many situations, both with customers and by ourselves, a broad range of problems and troubles concerning car maintenance and care. Today we are able to mediate with specialists in each field. Professionals that CRANK trusts and that can be trusted with confidence by our clients too. CRANK receives 5% as a mediating fee.

※ By acting as an intermediary, CRANK can reduce the burden on the customer and each company by organizing requests and clarifying the scope of work. We strive to realize the implementation of the project at a more reasonable cost.

CRANK Affiliated Specialists

Parts Procurement

  • (株)ユーロパーツ



Living with a Vintage Car

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Crank Store

CRANK is a car lifestyle store that offers carefully selected car goods and driver's items from around the world, as well as furniture and lighting for your garage. Our first store, Jimbocho, is located in Jimbocho, and due to its location, we carry many books and posters.

Some brands we offer:
• Continentalr
• Bell & Ross
• Car Shoe

Click here to see the Jimbocho store and the brands and services we offer:


Online Shop

Car goods and driver's items carefully selected by CRANK from all over the world are now available from anywhere in Japan. CRANK will start full-scale operation in the spring of 2021, and will be available for purchase from all over the world in the summer of 2021. We will be offering attractive items that can only be found in the online store, such as car wash items.

Online Shop

Design Consulting

CRANK is staffed by first-class architects and designers. From garage design and construction supervision to exterior and interior styling, we offer projects that reflect the individuality of you and your car.


CRANK’s Team

Yoichi Hayashi


Worked at a car goods store with an interior design store in Roppongi for 18 years. Store manager. He is deeply interested in automobilia as well as cars, and goes to EU trade shows every year.

With the help of existing resources such as customer lists, products, and suppliers, we have created open pricing information that is not available in the market, eliminating the uncertainty and creating opportunities for anyone to enjoy classic cars.

We aim to create a new community where people can enjoy classic cars in a variety of ways, including matching services, maintenance, specialty stores, and appreciation of classic cars.


These are our team members who select the cars and goods that CRANK handles.

Jacopo Drago


Danilo Zaupa


Masato Kawai

Interior Stylist