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Crank is a place for classic cars enthusiasts to enjoy the fun with classic cars more freely and actively by offering cars, goods, events and services for all tastes.

We are here for all the aficionados that are looking forward to find, buy, sell, know more about and enjoy the world of classic cars.

I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.

—Ferdinand Porsche


There are various consultations from customers, such as uncertainties such as unclear pricing in the market, and commitments and worries unique to classic car enthusiasts. Cranks are a place where all consultations can be answered, and we want to create a space between people.

With a matching service and community, we want to create a space between all people related to classic cars, connect people, create new value, and revitalize the classic car culture more coolly and excitingly.

By creating open price information that is not on the market from existing customer lists, products, business partners and other resources, we will eliminate the anxiety and create an opportunity for anyone to enjoy a classic car.

Classic car
for enjoying New wind
I want to blow it.

As a place to enjoy classic cars more, we aim to create a new community that can be enjoyed in various forms such as matching services, maintenance, specialty shops, cafes, and appreciation centering on classic cars. Hayashi Yoichi

CRANK's Values


Create a community for classic car lovers to meet and have fun together.


Be open and treat others with kindness, offering our time to listen to their story.


Be excited and curious about the new, always in exploration, looking for intense feelings.


We aim at perfection, honesty and good support, so the clients see that they can trust us.


We breath new life into the automotive scene, bringing new, exciting opportunities for having fun.


Have a friendly attitude in communication, and be on the same wavelength with the interlocutor.

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